The Good Son - Mission story Master difficulty

Hey guys, having trouble completing the good son in master difficulty. i went to the van, subdued the delivery man, take the flowers and costum, then went to the house talk to the butler, go the grave, hide myself, and when Silvio appears in front of the grave talking alone, i take him out with the fiber wire, the shred him… so i got the challenge feat checked, but im not the gettint the mission story checked, any inputs of what i might be doing wrong? thanks

Seems you have to kill him with a sharp weapon like knife or screwdriver or anything else

Here you go the videoguide:

following on from @misterkiller, in general if there is a requirement for anything that is “melee weapon” then for some reason the garrote does NOT count

thanks guys, in the videoguide they kill him with a pistol, is that gonna give me te mission story? also i think i have to listen to the whole conversation of the delivery man? it looks a bit different now in hitman 2 i guess and in master diff. so i dont have any clues to follow

Just do a mission like somebody did on the video, but not necessarily kill him with a pistol, I think it’s important you use something else beside garrote

You must activate the mission story before doing anything because if you take out the guy on the phone before him reaching a certain point in the conversation , you wont be able to complete it


Well, it goes for any mission story :slight_smile:

The thing is, in Master difficulty i cant activate the mission, theres no intel for it! but im gonna try to listen to the whole convo a kill him with a knife, thanks for the quick replies. also i cant remember, when you complete a mission story do you get prompted as soon as you do it? or do i have to wait to exit the mission to find out. keeping in mind that mission stories is tab show nothing playin on master, and its not one of the three main challenge missions. lol in ranting, just trying to get a clear view

Just make sure he finishes his conversation


Yes, corresponding icon will appear in top right corner as soon as you completed the story meeting all the requirements. But this thing pops up only once. If you already completed it, this thing won’t appear repeatedly