The Graveyard

This is the place to bury all of our items that have been rotting in our equipment tab for the last few years. Feel free to share stories about them, tell jokes or honour their memory before leaving them to formally rest in peace.

In Loving Memory Of The HWK 21

A good pistol. Better than the ones we always pick up from the guards yet it has been sitting stagnant in our inventory since we unlocked it all them years ago. One time I actually used the HWK 21 in a kill everyone challenge on Colorado. Needless to say it failed miserably and I was quickly reverted to the main menu. Ever since, I have left it to collect dust. Every now and then I will glance at it as I select my silverballer mark 2 and think about all the fun times we had.

Rest in peace HWK 21, never used but never forgotten.

Here Lies:

HWK 21
Crystal Ball
HF Championship Bat
Sedative Poison
Electronic Key Hacker
Nne Obaras Machete
Excess Lockpicks


Here lies the Crysal Ball: I won’t miss you. The Fish and Feather Duster are better than you. A pool ball with the number 47 deserves to take your place. Rest in pieces. I still hate you.

PD: You were the most underwhelming reward for me with the Mastery of Pro mode in the original H2016.


I would like to take a moment to honour the HF Championship Bat. What joys I had grinding to max professional level for a melee weapon which I only recall using once: throwing it at a model whilst they were on stage in Paris.

Rest in Peace


Sedative poison. Born in the graveyard, destined to never leave.


goodbye electronic key hacker, you weren’t around for long but I can’t say you deserved to be. at least the mk 2 weapons had a new sticker, you were just a renamed disposable scrambler. fuck you


I’m not gonna miss you too, Janbiya. With all the other sweet melee weapons, you are just a space occupier.

Special mention to a weapon that’s in the graveyard not because I want but because it isn’t avaible in H2, Masamune. One day you shall rise again. Just think about it: Katana you can conceal in a briefcase.


Mr. Wrench – for my nuts.

I’d say Nne Obara’s awesome looking machete. However, it’s just not really useful as, not surprisingly, people tend to notice a guy carrying a fuccing huge, bloody machete. And if I recall, you can’t put it in your inventory.


You can place the machete into a briefcase. :expressionless:

(edit: just like what scm97tl said with the Katana).

I had a 2016 Contract that required using the machete for kills (melee) while disguised as the street performer. Now, with the ability of carrying the machete in the briefcase - that really nerfs a large part of the challenge. Even a saber also magically fits into the briefcase.

As for what item I’d send to the graveyard… Well, I don’t see the need for multiple lock-picks. I’ve earned that ‘classic lock-pick’ (not that I prefer it), but with 2 others in the inventory I don’t see why we need others that function the exact same way. Maybe have 1 slot for lock-pick, but let us select which ‘Skin’ within that same slot.

Perhaps the same thing could be done with other items that function similarly. I know some bladed items, when you attack from behind - you either stab them through the back of the head (katana, masamune), or stab them in the lower back and through the stomach (saber, machete).

Guns?.. Alright. I’m totally overthinking this.

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In afraid that it’s time to leave this thread in the graveyard…


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The thread shall be buried within itself, like a star collapsing it on itself and becoming a black hole.

Proximity explosives, throwable melee items, non-suppressed guns. Your usefulness is marked in how much I acknowledged your existence as nothing more than an inconvenience to sift through to get to the good stuff.


People who are only now being able to complete AHBOS: “Hooray! I finally have the Janbiya!”

Everyone else: “The what?”

The this

Cool thing by the way :slight_smile:

Janbiya is my favorite slicing tool.

For the graveyard: the fish. I want to bury it somewhere I can’t smell it.

It was a joke.


It was teasing of those who didn’t see this marvelous of a weapon :slight_smile:

Happy cake day misterkiller!

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I’m gonna have to put the concussion grenade here.

Never used it once.