The Great Legacy Pack Journey Of Mine—Xbox One S

Oh boy. So after following all of the steps from a WB support email so than I can reclaim my dlc, it’s all been for nothing. I’ve told some people on this thread that it works but no it doesn’t and I’m sorry.
So it started with me losing access to the legacy pack even though I had it installed. I uninstalled all of the legacy content but I wasn’t able to reinstall it. When I reached out to WB support, I followed through these steps

After completing all of this, I redownloaded my physical copy of hitman—the complete first season. What’s odd is that I had access to all of the content without a disc, which could be another issue. So then I redownloaded all of hitman 2, minus the legacy pack but with the GOTY content that I had upgraded to. I then went through the motion of going to the legacy store page via Hitman but it came to a store page for 40 dollars. What is the problem here? My best guard is that I probably need to get the disc back from my friend or something but this is getting pretty frustrating.

I really want this to be resolved before the next submissions show up because I have some great ideas but a few are in the legacy pack, which I haven’t been able to access since Monday

All Hitman 2016 missions except for PZ must be installed in order to redeem Legacy.

I think I have everything except patient zero but I’m not sure

Yeah that should be it.
Play 1-2 missions in Paris and see if you’re able to redeem from the Hitman store.

What if you search Legacy - “any location” on the store, are you able to install any Legacy locations?

I’ll have to try I’m pretty sure they’re only sold as the legacy pack. And you meant try to play Paris in Hitman 1?

Yeah its only sold as a pack but you should be able to search for the location. Im saying, see if you can install a Legacy location from the store.

Yes play H2016 Paris. Just so the game knows that you’re eligible to redeem Legacy.
This was an earlier issue with the briefcase, you had to play and finish Paris 1-2 times for the game to know that you can redeem.

Ok so basically it all comes up as unavailable or not sold separately so I have to go to the legacy pack via Hitman 2016. Except it costs 40 bucks there

Ok will do. But yeah you can’t get them individually

When you go to your H2 add-ons/dlcs in manage games. There isn’t any Legacy dlc, right?

There was but I uninstalled it because some people said that could be a possible solution to my problem where I had it in the manage section but couldn’t actually access it

Doing a Paris run rn

Alright, just finished my Paris run and I’m so glad that I’ll be able to play the legacy pack instead of this. I’m guessing I should try to redeem again, or should I do another run of another map

Restart the game and see if you can redeem.

As it quit it? Will do

The Legacy Pack for me I’ve experienced a problem with it once and that’s when I factory reset my Xbox while all my games are on an external hard drive. I just uninstalled hitman 2 and all legacy maps and it fixed it.

I hope that’s not needed but do you know any good external hard drive so can use? Like price and quality wise?

I use a Sea Gate 5TB EHD they cost around $109 on Amazon.

Yikes the whole reason I’m goin g through all of this is so that I don’t have to pay more money. Maybe when I upgrade to an Xbox One X this fall

This is ridiculous. I have followed every step up to this point. I have all of the season 1 maps/bonus maps installed with Hitman. I have all of the season 2 content downloaded except for the legacy pack. I have followed every instruction from all of the regulars and WB support word for word. No matter what I do, it takes me to the Legacy Pack store page with a price of forty dollars. Here’s my theory—my steelbook disc for the complete first season cost forty dollars and since I don’t have it with me right now, it wants me to pay for the game again unless I don’t have it. I have pictures of the case for proof and it’s currently at my friends house who is on vacation. I can either get it soon or just have some very handsome developer give me a code to get this hassle off of my back