The Greed of Sapienza

After unlocking all 9 coins (3 variations of coin, 3 coins each type) I remembered how many coins I tend to come across in Sapienza (World of Tomorrow) even hiding 5 coins in the stateus scale…
It turns out according to a quick scan of the level, including the 9 you can start the mission with there are a total of 45 coins usable in (casual mode) World of Tomorrow… Which obviously is quite alot more than any other map (from what I’ve noticed…) and again I was going thru the level fast (as I’ve done this before already, last year (with a different total too)
Is there a point to having so many coins on Sapienza? Is it part of an Easter egg or…?

Shave everyone as the barber in Mumbai and you can get more :slight_smile:


In Mumbai you can get 30 from the barbershop alone. I reckon it may even top Sapienza!


Sorry to get off topic, but are you THE Cerb? i.e. the one who made the let’s play of Codename 47 and sounded almost exactly like David Bateson?

HAHAHAHA do you have a link to that it sounds funny

Luck Alone is Worthless

Well you can technically get an infinite amount of coins in Miami, using the street musician disguise.


No I don’t think it’s an EE or anything like that. They simply put coins in places where they made sense for either the gameplay or bc it made sense that a coin would be there (like next to a cash register).

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I think im realizing that now but then theres other map situations you think would be reasonable for coin spawns but no. Idk… lol kinda interesting i guess.