The guys at Hitman REALLY hate IKEA

I mean damn -

It’s not that hard…


I’m deeply offended by this racist propaganda IO is spreading.

Behead those who insult IKEA!

IKEA is love, IKEA is life

I guess it is coz ikea has ideas.


Welcome back, sgg847!

Ikea may have the best ever pizza on earth, disagree with me if you will but the Ikea on Long Island is superb. The pizza is excellent. Even saw sex scenes on homemade porn at ikea :slight_smile:

I fail to see how you went from pizzas to homemade porn :expressionless:

Anyways I really liked that whole… "di"alogue. A bit too comedic maybe but meh I laughed whatever. I didn’t pay attention ingame actually, I was too busy trying to avoid enforcers and listening to the whooshing sounds everywhere. I had to watch dat vid to listen to the whole thing

I dunno about pizzas, but a few years ago, there was one specific meal which was contamined by… how you say it… fecces particles? I dunno if it was only in my country but I doubt every ikea store make their food on the location they’re at so they probably all import from the same place(s)…

Oh i’m sorry from homemade sex to pizza then. I had it the other way around. Thanks for the correction!

Oh okay well at least now I understand your sentance, but I still d… oh actually now it all makes sense. I didn’t understand the connection between ikea and porn. I was assuming “he saw sex scenes on Ikea furniture but how the heck could he identify that” :sweat_smile: Fair enough !

Just google it. Many people go to ikea and record adult content. Sorry to break the news.

Waaaa really? … did you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t really see why would anyone would do that. I mean sure I understand the appeal for public sex but any kind of store/shop is a bit extreme IMO. Unless they’re hiding in closets or something?
Some people use furniture to hide bodies, some people use furniture to get laid I guess

I have seen video’s of such things in ikea “bathrooms” though I never did anything related like that in public. Might aswell bring up the fact that people violate in such locations like Ikea.

Well… I don’t know how I feel about this… I got a lot of Ikea furniture… :expressionless:
I’m just going to assume it doesn’t happen in my country because it’s easier for my mind.
I’ve only ever heard of people having sex in the… how is it called… the “closets” to try out clothes in clothing shops

Well IOI is danish, and Ikea is swedish. Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, have a bromance of hate and love. Sweden and Finland fighting over who is the top country and who is better at Ice Hockey, Swedes hate how Danes speak, Danes hate how Swedes speak, Swedes are Pussies and Finns drink all day everyday. Norway wants attention (cant blame it) and is besties with Finland. Denmark and Sweden compete with Ikea and Legos and Åland (formerly part of Sweden, currently part of Finland) is a big question mark, Norway tries to be friends with everyone and everyone partly hates norway cuz everyone is jello of their Oil Richness… its complicated. Oh also Kalmar Union