The Hardest, but still possible challenge in hitman?

I think I have made something… pretty hard, though I was wondering if there were any more challenges to fit into this… so here it is!

Freedom Fighters

Start: Southern Farm Perimeter

Quince Elliot: Poison as Hacker

Mario Thompson: Fire as Militia Technician

Penelope Graves: Melee Weapon (Small) as 47 in his Suit

Maya Parvati: Assault Rifle as Militia Spec Ops

Exit: River

Extra -
Silent Assassin
Only Change Disguise specific to requirements to kill the character
Smuggled Items Allowed
No Starting Items
No starting Undercover
Killer chef not allowed
Can’t use more than 2 opportunities
Professional Mode
Complete in 2 Hour timeframe

First of all, good luck!


Try Eliminating both Strandberg and Zayden while disguised as the Prisoner.

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