The Hirani Evacuation - Mumbai Escalation


Yes, I also really liked this escalation. Focusing on a theme thats unique to the level is a cool idea.

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Is a cool escalation, i like it. I made a full video about it. Unfortunately for me Mumbai is the one that i played less because i didn’t have much free time when HITMAN 2 was released, so i had started as security guard but i don’t regret it.

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Funny little detail I discovered: You can finish the mission without actually killing any of your targets. Dumping them into the elevator shaft one the lowest level isn’t lethal and still completes the objective. :wink:


I very much agree with this, as I do with the general sentiment about this Escalation. I’d say this is the best one we’ve had yet. And I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the move from 5 levels to 3 was a great one. These are far more palatable as 3 levels.


Amazing! So you could end escalation without any kills?
Edit: Either Pitman has edited his post or I wasn’t attentive when read it.


Non-lethal runs in HITMAN?!?!?! What is this strange new land we find ourselves in?

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Looks like a decent escalation. Haven’t really tried it because the game crashed again within 5 minutes, so back to not playing hitman for a while.

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Did you try DXVK workaround that I found 2 weeks ago ?


Saw this was being released and then forgot about it! Gonna get stuck into this one when I’m home, looks from the feedback as if its a little more challenging than previous escalations?


I would say so

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While appreciated, too much effort mate. IO just need to get their shit together, simple

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Of course, but can be useful to play next ET without crash… you know what I mean.


The way I did it.

Level 1, you have to distract the target at the right time (otherwise you’ll need to subdue both of those guys).

Level 2 you have to get a guard out of the way to get to a spot to place a weapon for the target to see and take down stairs. and…

Level 3 you just have to drag the target by the door, but use instinct to make sure nobody is looking your way. I did try setting a coin at the edge of the shaft, then kicked him down, but got spotted.

It’s a little more involved than that, but those are the key actions. This got me a time of around 7 minutes, but I think I could’ve gotten closer to 6.

eta: Got it down to 5:22.

eta2: I HATE when this happens. I try to sleep, but another, possibly faster route keeps running through my head.

eta2: Finally got a time of 3:22. Perhaps now I can rest in peace. :smile:


Yes, because your objectives are to dump them down the elevator shaft, not necessarily kill/incapacitate them. I do love those objective runs where you are technically winning by not killing anyone, it’s interesting.


The interesting part about this is that you can still get a SA rating when killing any of the three “targets”. So IO had to mark sure you aren’t penalized for killing them but couldn’t simply turn them into targets since you don’t have to kill them. This is something new and I really appreciate at that least one person at IO asked the question “What happens if one of these really crazy Hitman gamers drags an unconscious targets to the lowest level of the tower before dumping his body into the elevator shaft?”:grin:

Now if you’re excuse me, I have to figure out the best way to drag the painter and the bodyguard to the lowest level without having to subdue every single NPC at the movie set.


It was actually easier than I thought. In the end I only needed to subdue less than a dozen NPCs. Getting the crew guy to the lowest level was a no-brainer.

The painter was a bit more difficulty but I took advantage of the mission story and placed the tube of paint in his box. That made him walk to one of the staircases and I could use coins to lure him down into the cafeteria. I just had to subdue the three crew member in the cafeteria and the bodyguard at the staircase beforehand.

The bodyguard just required patience. I had to use a lot of coins - good things my loadout was nine coins - to lure him down a bunch of stairs until he was on the studio floor. Once there he discovered a conveniently placed weapon and since the nearest storage box was the security office on the second floor he walked all the way down there where I could easily subdue him.

What am I doing with my Life? :sweat_smile:


It’s really good…have yet to finish its final stage though :smile: Can’t wait for more escalations for this map, Three Headed Serpent and Whittleton :star_struck:


That’s exactly how I’m feeling. I just love Escalations in general, the more, the merrier. I know some people were turned off by them in Hitman 2016 because of them having five levels, but I didn’t mind it as much. Sure, it made some levels repetitive as hell, but it was still entertaining.


The Hirani Evacuation - Level 3 - Suit Only (4.49)


Should have an easteregg where if you drop all three into the elevator pit without killing them like in your pic, they should then rise up and roam the pit like zombies, moaning “rangaan brains”

Gee, hire me, IO creative labs.