The Hitman Forum Awards 2019 - Shout Outs!

The Hitman Forum Awards 2019 are currently underway! While our Regulars are busy nominating the members, which all of our members will be able to vote on in over a week’s time, I am proud to announce the side project of this year’s awards.

While our awards will see 14 members be celebrated and recognised in 14 distinct categories when the results are announced on October 31st, the results thread will also have a list of shout outs for our various members.

A shout out is simply a 50 word or less statement from a member, praising or celebrating or complimenting another member on our forum. Anyone may give a shout out to any other member, with as many shout outs for as many members as you like, as long as you keep to a nice concise 50 words or less.

Shout outs are to be sent to me by private message, so it is a nice surprise for everyone when they get to read the results thread on October 31st and see what nice things other have said about them. They will be listed on the second half of the results thread, listed in alphabetical order for each member given a shout out, and the person who gave them the shout out credited. An opportunity to celebrate the friendliness of this forum, and to show gratitude for each other. There may only be 14 winners in this year’s awards, but these shout outs will let lots of other people be recognised as well.

And as a disclaimer - which I hope won’t be necessary - shouts outs are to be used to to positively comment on other members. They are not to be used to be rude or passive aggressive or to be straight up nasty about other members. If I receive any such messages, they will be forwarded and reported to the moderators of the site.


shoutout to @Franz for being Vice president of the Codename 47 Appreciation Gang and to @badeaguard for just being the nicest and sexiest Gunfetishist I’ve have ever met.


Obviously, @MrOchoa for regular reminding us what started all of this.


Is there a thread for this? I don’t see one yet.

It isn’t up yet, but it should be up pretty soon.

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I wanna give a shout out to everybody’s favourite Canuck-lefuck @SeanBernowicz. With some lucky you may become as witty as me.

@doom-generation I wanna give a shout out to him and @Akira23X. Hope you are still both happy.


And I want to give a shout out to everyone’s favourite bird-fighting, wise-cracking, people-eating prick @Accidental-kills98

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what even is reading the OP? the shoutouts aren’t posted here you tools

Fuck reading! I have spent the last three years of my life reading boring claptrap. I wanna write now.




Yeah guys, these are meant to be PMed to me. I’d love as many shout outs for each member as you guys think deserve it as well, if you get the chance to write them up I’d love to post as many as I could on October 31st.


To be fair, the PM part was in the SECOND paragraph. THE SECOND PARAGRAPH! This is the Internet. No one has an attention span that long haha. Maybe the shoutouts should come back to here though? A little public recognition is never a bad thing.

Edit: they will be public eventually… apparently I don’t have the attention span for the SECOND part of the SECOND paragraph haha


Just going to bump this. I’ll be accepting Shouts Outs! right until before the results thread on October 31st. And yes, please send me them to me via private message.

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Another bump, you’ve got 12 days left.

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Just over a week left.

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A couple of days left, if anyone else would like to PM a Shout Out! of a person you think deserves it. Voting results and Shout Outs! will be in the Results thread on October 31st.