The Hitman Forum Awards 2019 - Voting Thread

The categories have been chosen. The nominees have been selected. The final stage of the Hitman Forum Awards 2019 begins now!

Our Regulars have chosen a strong number of contenders, each worthy in their own way, ready to be voted upon in fourteen distinct and diverse categories. From deciding who is worthy to be declared the User of the Year, to whoever makes you laugh or perhaps makes you smile in our Funniest and Nicest Member categories. To the couple that makes your heart melt the most in the Cutest Couple to a couple of guys who make an inseparable Iconic Duo. These awards showcase the most talented, the clearly charismatic, to the greatest users that make up our great forum.

All members of the Hitman Forum will be available to vote. Each category is single choice only. Votes are not anonymous. The results shall be kept hidden until the voting ends on October 29th, 12pm GMT. And the winners shall be celebrated in the Results thread on October 31st. So, let the votes begin!

The categories were chosen by the host of the event, @Silvereyes . I received much help from @scm97tl on sentence structure, grammar and constantly keeping me straight. I want to thank several of the Regulars who pitched in critiques and ideas in the Guidelines thread. I also wish to credit @Pyhsix for taking the time to make all these gorgeous screenshots and overlays to give every category even more grandeur.

Our Regulars were responsible for choosing the nominees, with each category designed to have three nominees. Categories #5 and #11 received five and four nominees respectively due to their being a tie. Category #9, Cutest Couple, has just two pairs of nominees due to those two pairs being the only valid ones in the category. Categories #3 and #12 had a tie-breaker poll after the Nominations closed, so that a third nominee could be selected as only two nominees in each category received more than a single vote. If you wish to see the full nomination voting breakdown, and the list of every user who was nominated but sadly did not qualify, they will be posted in the following posts.

“The top award for the user who represents the best of the Hitman Forum, which could be in terms of being extremely friendly and a great person to have a conversation with, or perhaps brings much valuable discourse to the many threads on here, or perhaps is a great Hitman player who provides fantastic knowledge and know-how of the franchise to our pages. Or perhaps they represent all of these things. For a user who is utterly invaluable to this forum.”

  • badeaguard
  • cake941
  • Urben

0 voters

“For the user who is always held in such high acclaim by everyone around them. A real noticeable character.”

  • badeaguard
  • SeanBernowicz
  • Urben

0 voters

“To a user who perhaps has been sadly absent for some time now, and we all miss their contribution to this forum.”

  • Agent.Smith
  • David47
  • Silverballer

0 voters

“To someone who always provide joy and laughter to our pages, even in the worst of times.”

  • Accidental-kills98
  • MrOchoa
  • SeanBernowicz

0 voters

“A fantastic content creator who always makes you intrigued and manages to bring out the opinions of people.”

  • HungaryHippoe
  • Jacques_Shadow
  • Kent
  • Piano_Man
  • Urben

0 voters

“Someone who seems to never rest to always share their insight into every conversation, where a thread where they don’t appear seems empty with them.”

  • Accidental-kills98
  • doom-generation
  • SeanBernowicz

0 voters

“For a speedrunner across the current platforms that provides stunningly fast, curiously insightful, or mind-bendingly difficult runs of your favorite Hitman levels.”

  • Fortheseven
  • JohnnyAxXx

0 voters

“Someone with a creative streak, who provides the forum with handmade content, such as art, fan fiction, or videos, who always expresses themselves.”

  • IndianAgent47
  • thetrashypretzel
  • Urben

0 voters

“For a pair of love birds on our forum that brings a smile to see this place bring people together.”

  • Akira23X & doom-generation
  • Club47 & Fortheseven

0 voters

“A user who provides such inventive and creative Contracts within the recent Hitman games, who can provide an interesting experience, being almost IOI with their quality.”

  • KevinRudd
  • Urben

0 voters

“For a user who is always civil and polite, even in the fact of heated argument, and makes the forum that much more welcoming.”

  • Ibbe040
  • ingrobny
  • scm97tl
  • Yellow_ZR1

0 voters

“To a pair of users that are always seen together talking to each other in threads, always having witty banter, and showing the friendships that bloom on this forum.”

  • Accidental-kills98 & SeanBernowicz
  • badeaguard & MrOchoa
  • Clemens_IOI & Travis_IOI

0 voters

“A user who is always on their best behavior, who always acts with the forum guidelines, someone who shows the value of civil discourse and the weight of honesty and integrity.”

  • cake941
  • Mads47
  • Urben

0 voters

“To a user who has been on this forum for less than a year, but has already made great waves with their contributions to the forum, and has began to already fit right in with the old guard.”

  • Club47
  • doom-generation
  • SwingSwang

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Nomination voting breakdown:

  1. User of the Year:
    6 Votes: @cake941, @Urben
    3 Votes: @badeaguard
    2 Votes: @Ibbe040
    1 Vote: @doom-generation, @ingrobny, @KevinRudd, @scm97tl, @SeanBernowicz, @Soupienza
  1. Most Popular Member:
    6 Votes: @Urben
    3 Votes: @badeaguard, @SeanBernowicz
    2 Votes: @Accidental-kills98, @cake941, @scm97tl
    1 Vote: @MrOchoa, @Pagan
  1. Most Missed Member:
    2 Votes: Agent.Smith, @Silverballer
    1 Vote: @David47, @doom-generation, @FantumX, immadummee47, @Mnemosyne, @ObiBobi18, @Spods, White-half
    Tie-breaker poll:
    7 Votes: @David47
    4 Votes: @FantumX, immadummee47
    2 Votes: @doom-generation
    1 Vote: @ObiBobi18, @Spods, White-Half
    0 Votes: @Mnemosyne
  1. Funniest Member:
    5 Votes: @SeanBernowicz
    4 Votes: @MrOchoa
    3 Votes: @Accidental-kills98
    2 Votes: @cake941, @Toto
    1 Vote: @doom-generation, @FantumX, @Franz, @Mads47, @scm97tl

Wow. Honestly I didn’t expect two votes. Kinda touched.

  1. Best Topic Creator:
    4 Votes: @Jacques_Shadow
    2 Votes: @HungaryHippoe, @Kent, @Piano_Man, @Urben
    1 Vote: @Agent_17, @cjgarof, @Fortheseven, @Franz, @KevinRudd
  1. Most Active Member:
    11 Votes: @Accidental-kills98
    4 Votes: @SeanBernowicz
    3 Votes: @doom-generation
    2 Votes: @Ibbe040
    1 Vote: @badeaguard, @cake941, @KevinRudd, @misterkiller, @SpirantCrayon22, @Urben
  1. Best Speedrunner:
    9 Votes: @Fortheseven
    3 Votes: @JohnnyAxXX
    2 Votes: @CHAOS_AGENT_45
    1 Vote: @Gule, @HITMANIST, @Kotti, @mendietinha, Usain Bolt
  1. Best Artist:
    15 Votes: @IndianAgent47
    3 Votes: @Urben, @thetrashypretzel
    2 Votes: @CHAOS_AGENT_45
    1 Vote: @badeaguard, @H_I_T_M_A_N_Statue_F, @LordShaw, @MulletPride, @PEA, @v1deost

Still livid after all these years…

  1. Cutest Couple:
    8 Votes: @Akira23X & @doom-generation
    5 Votes: @Club47 & @Fortheseven
    1 Vote: @Accidental-kills98 & @SeanBernowicz, @badeaguard & @MrOchoa
  1. Best Contract Creator:
    5 Votes: @KevinRudd, @Urben
    4 Votes: @CHAOS_AGENT_45
    2 Votes: IO Interactive
    1 Vote: @Akira23X, @clckr, @Fortheseven, @Sniff
  1. Nicest Member:
    5 Votes: @Yellow_ZR1
    4 Votes: @Ibbe040, @ingrobny, scm97tl
    1 Vote: Accidental-kills98, cake941, Fortheseven, @Generickillz, @Jarbinger, @Silvereyes, @Soar7, @Soupienza, @SpirantCrayon22, @Swangtheugly
  1. Most Iconic Duo:
    5 Votes: Accidental-kills98 & SeanBernowicz
    3 Votes: badeaguard & MrOchoa
    1 Vote: Accidental-kills98 & @doom-generation, @Akira23X & @doom-generation, @Clemens_IOI & @Travis_IOI, @Club47 & @Fortheseven, @Kent & @Watson, @MrOchoa & Codename 47.
    Tie-breaker poll:
    15 Votes: @Clemens_IOI & @Travis_IOI
    5 Votes: Accidental-kills98 & @doom-generation
    1 Vote: @Club47 & @Fortheseven, @Kent & @Watson
    0 Votes: @Akira23X & @doom-generation
  1. Best Role Model:
    6 Votes: @Urben
    4 Votes: @cake941, @Mads47
    2 Votes: @badeaguard
    1 Vote: @Accidental-kills98, @Ibbe040, @ingrobny, @Jarbinger, @scm97tl, @Yellow_ZR1
  1. Best New Member:
    8 Votes: @Club47
    5 Votes: doom-generation
    4 Votes: @Swangtheugly
    3 Votes: @HungaryHippoe
    2 Votes: @Yellow_ZR1
    1 Vote: @djukak, @Ibbe040, @KevinRudd, @Salem, SeanBernowicz, @SpirantCrayon22

Users who voted for themselves in every category: @Danger_dog_guy_7


Congrats to all nominees.
I’m glad my choices of user of the year made it through.


How did that nomination happen? :joy: EDIT: Oh it was the tiebreaker poll, I see.

Also, hidden polls? Wow this tension!


While I was reading the votes,I was asking myself:Where is @Danger_dog_guy_7 ?
But,it looks like you didn’t forget about him. :joy: