The Hitman Forum Community Appreciation

I think out of the many forums I’ve been on, this forum has to be the best one yet. The HMF community is like a second family as such that share a lot of things together all though a single common interest, Hitman. Sure we argue a lot that’s when the Mother and Father come in (Jarbinger and Watson) [You’s can decide who’s who ;)].

But overall we talk about a lot of issues and help each other through things and if anything is a good example of a proper decent community, it would be here. A perfect example would be how we are in The Relationship Thread. Seeing how we are confident enough to vent our problems without worry of disrespect from effectively The Internet and the caring responses and help we give each and every one of us.

A little belated I think but I believe it had to be said after months and months of discussions and respect I see.

So a big thank you to Stephen @ampburner for firstly making all this possible, choosing Discourse as a platform which is very clean and user friendly. Mummy and Daddy @Jarbinger and @Watson and all other mods for filtering out the fights. And of course every user on HMF. :slight_smile:


I hate you @Spoderman :wink:



Fuck you too.


I love you too, man.

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Maybe i’m insane, but i love you guys, overall this is a great forum, with many useful users :smiley:


Well said @GTAJJ. Even though I’ve made the personal choice to stop playing the game until the full season is out, I still find myself coming here several times throughout the day. Because I stopped playing, I don’t have as much to share and obviously don’t post as often (your welcome @Quinn :wink:) but I still enjoy seeing what everyone has to say.

Definitely a good group of people overall and kept in check very well by the mods and guidelines without which this would not be one of the best forums out there.

Nice job to all.


Soon out of likes, so i think this thread is a bad choice… it’s a like-stealer… :sob: :wink::smiley:


I agree, this is the best forum I’ve ever been a part of, I’m sad I discovered it just a few months ago, because it’s been here all the way from the beginning of Hitman apparently.

Better late than never eh? I love you guys, it seems like it’s the only sacred place on the Internet, free of toxicity you see everywhere. Everyone here seems really sane and doesn’t go into a keyboard warrior mode just because he’s anonymous.

I really feel like this forum is my second family, I especially like the Pinecon and Relationship thread mentioned by the op.

Long live the founding fathers and all of the Hitmanforum :slight_smile:

I would also like to thank IOI because we propably wouldn’t meet if not for Hitman.

Keep being awesome people.


Oh yeah, I really appreciate that people from IO come here occasionally to listen to feedback and such.




For sure, I’ve been here 1 month and it’s already my favourite place on the Internet


who r u people. fak u newbies for taking over my forum :^(



Get out of here you ol’ codger :wink:

Hear hear. Hitmanforum rules. Even though it gets intense at times and there’s some drama, it’s easily my most visited website on the internet and for good reason. Hitman has long been my favourite video game series, and to be part of a fan community that has the ear of the developers is a really wonderful feeling. Whether its the subtle changes in response to feedback, or full blown references such as Jack Please and HMF usernames for NPCs, there’s no denying that IO are a studio that listens, interacts and has fun with the fans.

I’ve made some good friends on the board and enjoy the impassioned banter with the stronger personalities - And of course if it wasn’t for the forum I’d never have been given the opportunity to visit IO Interactive on a couple of occasions too, which is an experience I’m super grateful for and will remember forever.

So, here’s to you HMF, and the staff, users and IO developers who keep this place alive!


Nice, i’m out of likes, you will have one in a hour :smiley:

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Personally, I have trouble opening up a little even online also with speaking out with questions or opinions but everytime I have here everyone has always been great and not to mention helpful :smile: I may not post a lot but I gotta admit, I love you guys.


It’s also great to talk to people who share the same love for Hitman that I do. I’m a huge gamer but this is the only forum that I come to regularly. I follow the GTA forums but usually only when a new game gets announced, most of my time is spent on here.

It’s great to see some of the discussions we all have as well as seeing several members from IO on here too.

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Classic Ian Somerholder

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I actually like that dude, he’s pretty cool :sunglasses:

Yeah. When he’s not around Garlic and Salt :wink:

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