The Hitman Screenshot Thread


Well, looks like I’m expanding on the moody, gloomy Hitman screenshot thread from Hitmanforum:

So, post your best Hitman screenshots here! Don’t worry even if it’s from Codename 47. :wink:

Hitman Screenshots
Leaf 47 The perfect cover

Oh yeah this thread, glad that you recreated it over here on the new forum. I have been wanting to find some pictures for this thread. Well i’m gonna see if i can find some :slight_smile:


Some shots from my Codename 47 session, nothing special. :wink:


Love these two shots. The first one especially reminds me of how lively and grand Traditions of the Trade was in Codename 47, and the second one depicts a misleadingly safe looking, yet spooky asylum which 47 enters anyway to carry out his hit. Keep up the good work, @Doormaker.


I been mening to upload some screenshot since the original thread was created. I have taken a little break from my studying, to uploade some of my already existing pictures. But in time i will take more pictures and upload them aswell.
But for now you will have to do with this.

I choose some pictures from Absolution :slight_smile:


@Mads47 That first pic is awesome and the 2nd one screams “47 is coming, be ready”. I like them.


Those are good shots @Mads47 .

I’ll probably be getting some Contracts screenshots up soon. Wait for it!



A collection of screens Below from my Pc, just click to reveal

Edit: @Dev_Chand whoops did not read the moody gloomy part In The OP these are just a random selection as I just read Hitman screenshot thread, that will teach me not to read the description correctly in future. Can we Add any screen shots here or do you want the thread to stay on topic for the moody gloomy feel? as I can always edit my post.

Looks Painful
Shall I Come back later
Think she gets the Point
Killed the Don
Blending In
Easy Target
China Town
Fight Night Kung fu
I Hate Cops
Nice View


Hey don’t worry, this is now a general Hitman screenshot thread, so just post whatever Hitman screenshots of yours looks good you feel.


And here are the promised Contracts screenshots:


^That shadow portrays a cold image :wink:
Seriously though, that a nice screenshot that can be used in horror movies. Good one.


Thanks @Cold_Shadow. What do you think of the other two photos?


Don’t get me wrong, they’re cool. All of them are (thanks to Contract’s atmosphere aswell) but that shadow photo reminds me of a classic horror movie scene.


I didn’t realize we had screenshots thread in the old forum so I’ll post my collection


Hahahhahaha! What is even happening in the first screenshot?

I liked all of them except the last one. The last one seems to highlight some of Blood Money’s bad textures in my opinion.


That first screen is hilarious and so is the last. Good ones.


Today I decided to return to Codename 47, and found out that Mei Ling is pretty horny about getting a bullet in her head :open_mouth:


Nothing too fancy, but whatevs.

Also, that glitch I made a thread about


I Have been replaying C47 recently, thought I would upload some screens.