The Hitman screenshot thread


Nope. It’s on PS4 and I just get them lol I mean sure, sometimes I’ll edit them on my phone, sometimes. But most of the time I just post them as is. :wink:


BedBananas uses a PC camera mod for this video here, if you’re interested! I don’t know what the TOS for Hitman is, though, or their views on mods.


I just wanted to remind everyone of how fabulous 47 looks again. 100% in-game footage. No joke.


Also, I got regular! :smiley:


His video’s are insane. I would call it Art :smile:


BREAKING: crazy, drunk hobo mass murders everyone at Himmapan hotel with a bat


Cmon, man. Get your game on. :roll_eyes:

Yes @Ha-DOOOOOOO-ken, it is soders. If you go to the curator and take his disguise, then talk to the chief surgeon, he will preform a successful surgery and if you wait about 45 minutes into your contract, he will get sent back to his room and allowed to leave so he can walk around the facility. Then you can kill soders anyway you want.


Fear not milady.:smirk:


Seriously? That is possible?


No. Lol. Totally kidding around. I just found it funny because that hadoken guy is on ps4 and it’s like he’s never played those exclusive contracts. Lol





He looks so displeased XD


This is old but I liked it. I miss the Elusives! :cry:



A brief look into the future


Wired for Clubs:


Change it to Jordan Crossmas



I turned Bosco into a cyclops. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


2000 :tada:

This one looks so scary. He looks like a creepy puppet…


Get ready for the sequel of Dead Silence: Marrakesh Rampage.