The Hitman screenshot thread


I didn’t forget lol i wanted to stick with “Tools”


Found this on Twitter



Funny they made that just to join in on the IT hype. If they ever gonna use that outfit ingame, please let it be in a mission and not a unlock for a stupid challenge pack. :stuck_out_tongue:


- Does Fritz Fuchs float?
- Oh yes, Georgie. He floats, and when you’re down here with me, you’ll float too!


I still say IO missed a great opportunity to do something with “Korkey The Clown” with “The Entertainer” Elusive…


His outfit will make a nice easter egg if featured in a season 2 level. If it’s an unlock it’s too forced and makes it less unique like it used to be.


I agree. With the Entertainer though, I was at least hoping for a reference, even a mentioning of him would have been cool. But yeah, let’s see what S2 holds, maybe we will see it again if it fits.



Well, thanks to the latest batch of featured contracts I realized there’s a working incinerator (and an electrical kill) in the pottery shop in “Landslide”.




Not necessarily an in-game screenshot. But after selling and buying cards from pubg crates, I have made the most weeb-level Hitman steam profile.


Whats that? Dalia wants some “drinks” upstairs? Coming right up.

Dalia’s guardian angel looking over her as she’s drunk from the after party


Found this in reddit

Props to gyimger


Hm i think it looks off and not very well done. But i do hope that season 2 bring more diversion into day / night cycle. As well as weather.

Dynamic Time of Day Missions

It looks like the decor of some old gangster-style film


It does look interesting, though the fact that it’s raining with not a single cloud in the sky makes it feel very off.

And the face that even if it were to simulate clouds, it’s still very bright as if the sun 100% effect but maybe that’s just me. I doubt those things can be controlled by a simple editing software so props to Gyimger either way.


I’ve found a way to the top of the embassy but fell through the roof into a … strange room. But then did I saw this door. I entered the room behind it… and got blessed. Now my 47 has got a briefcase. Works 100%



Tell ya what…
I’m really enjoying messing around with the HWK21 pistol, lately.

The fire rate, the sound and not to mention, this badass looking reload animation for it!

It may not be silent, but is a fun pistol to use when just messing around.


Reminds me of the Big Lebowski meme with John Goodman and “am I the only one…”.