The Hitman screenshot thread


Messing around? I use it consistently in Bangkok when I need to get to Jordan’s wing. Like so:


I didn’t say it didn’t have its benefits as well lol
And @borek921
Yes it does!! :joy:


And I didn’t say you didn’t say that. :rofl:




I’m afraid that if i accept he will copy the way my profile looks too.


i’m spooked


Sorry to ask but who is this taopaipai guy?


A speedrunner who is known for copying strats of other talented guys. He has a bad reputation for it.


Ok thanks :slight_smile:


Is he back in HongKong? :smiley:


This is not hitman



No, it’s Sleeping Dogs. It had a agent 47 skin. Sorry wrote the wrong name to begin with.


Its “Sleeping Dogs” an open world game made by united games, i think and owned by square enix, so they added 47’s suit and silverballers as DLC :smiley:

and i think this is how 47 should fight in games


@Kaboom, my heart stopped for a while. :hushed:

Don’t do this again, please.


After 4 years of playing I FINALLY got the platinum trophy for Hitman Absolution. Last one I needed was complete the game on professional and boy it is hard to shoot your way to completion on the hardest difficulty… :sweat_smile:


I shall leave then


Actually, they had that in development for Hitman 2016, they worked on a option to change the time of day as a option.
Not sure if they’re still working on it and will show on Season Two or if they canceled it.


From what i have experienced, i have never seen this feature. Not sure if it ever made it to the playable sesion, though.


It was definitely a thing at a point in development, but I have no idea if it’s long cancelled or if it’s a S2 thing, sadly.


I don’t know what to do while waiting for season 2, so i play tag with some guards in Sapienza, but in this situation they know they’re screwed :