The Hitman screenshot thread



I’ll call your dump in a guard suit, and raise you a push in 47’s Suit. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:


Is there a vid? I’d love to know how you got him up there.


Simple. Take out all the guards in the tower and when he’s in his office alone, Napoleon across and into the stairwell. Last phone ring lure and push him off.

I did the same to the guru et and the icon.


Wish the minimap didn’t ruin the moment…


You can turn it off in the settings


Thanks but I know. I just happened to have it on while playing and didn’t realize until I had already framed the shot and taken it.


No worries Kent, I got you fam!

There, it’s gone now. Don’t sweat it, you can thank me later.

In all seriousness though, I like this picture. She has this “I demand to speak to the manager” haircut, she crossed her arms and she even has this resting bitch face. Looks like she’s giving 47 shit and he just hangs his head and takes it.




Now leaving Sapienza:


reminds me of that shot from Absolution, where he arrives in hope. nice shot Kent.



If you’re on PC, you can go to Menu>Settings>Graphics and hit “P” to hide the menu. Gives a pretty clean look, save for the “Show Menu” in the corner.


do you know, when you press X you can climb trough?




I got a headache. Got to sit for a while.


Morgue doctors used to have a visor.


I wonder why it was removed!


Do you mean they had a camera?