The Hitman screenshot thread


Ya the lighting and the angle were just perfect. It’s one of my favourites I’ve taken.


I was able to fiberwire agent Smith and escape without failing the mission (although if I waited for a moment the mission failed) and it didn’t count as a kill. Sadly I was on a rampage and couldn’t redo that on a normal SA run.


In all the commotion, it appears that 47 has lost his tie! -$5000 for leaving equipment behind.


Run :


“My room is littered with random, disordered objects, send someone to clean it. Now.”


Now blow it all up please! :slight_smile:


Yesterday was the first time I ever used the chandelier to kill Caruso and I’ve played on Sapienza at least 30-40 hours so far.


I did! :grinning:

Unfortunately I wiped over that save spot though, but I’m working on a new one, I’ll post it when I’m off work :wink:






Damn, how’d you take those Blood Money ones?


By using free camera mod I suppose


I didn’t even know there was one. Cool.


Got him!!

What was that noise?



“I’m a fire extinguisher, twisted fire extinguisher”


Happy happy smiley face :slight_smile:




“you wanna know how I got these scars?”


that’s ART right there, strangling the lights out of someone :+1:


This isn’t mine, I found it on the Steam Community community discussion for Hitman: Absolution. It was uploaded by a “:diamonds: Mr.Blue :diamonds:,” and can be found here.

I have to say, I really liked how Hitman: Absolution’s cinematics looked. Makes me wish I could run the game at max settings with a decent framerate instead of the potato salad I get with lowest. Guess I’ll have to stick with lowest lol


Just a little preview with what’s to come in my final episode of rare & unique kills.

Yuki pays a visit to Soders.

And from a previous episode.
I wonder if Silvio will have a headache soon. :man_shrugging:


I’m really wondering how do you have patience for these.

Also I guess that video will mainly concentrate on Yuki. :smiley: