The Hitman screenshot thread


It’s not as hard or time consuming as one may think. If you know how to move an npc, it’s quite easy to get them across an entire map with this type of idea. It’s pretty much 3-5 hrs of work to get one of these full episodes done. So 1-3 days of playing can get ‘er done. Lol.

Since it’s on PS4, it’s very quick to get a kill vid uploaded to YouTube. If I was on Xbox or pc, I doubt I would do these as getting vids on a capture card, then transfer it, Edit it, upload with all that work, is patience is wouldn’t have. The PS4 really helps with all this. Plus being able to download and edit then upload all these clips/vids via my iPhone only (no need for a PC at all), makes the entire process of getting a vid completed is really fun since it’s also a hobby of mine.

And ya, this will be 99% yuki kills. Notice I said 99%. :wink:
So these kills and kill locations will be VERY unique and rare. Monday should be the release date of this final episode. Then the following day we get to hear what this big announcement of new content will be. :hugs:


Best Friends




When there is no crate/closet to hide bodies:

Not really sure and don’t want to know what he is doing there:

Top notch body guard spots everything (not):

Somethings seems to be “off” with him:

When you party too hard on the weekend and have to work on monday:


It is not only me having fun with @Fortheseven’s most recent contract!



not a lancer double kill on Yuki and Soders? meh :stuck_out_tongue:


Your wish is my command.


“I swear I saw Abiatti come up here, but where’s he gone? It’s like the ground has opened up and swallowed him.”

“What on earth is going on over here… Is that?”

“Wipe that fucking smile off your face, you cheeky twat.”


Circle of Relax

Deadly Bell

Man that guy is tall…

…nah just a trash sneaker

Modern Interragation

Shut up Helmut???


In all of this time this is the first time I got the idea to grab this chef outfit. :slight_smile:


Yeah I know that, I once took that printing team outfit with the egyptian-like hat, was quite interesting too.


I hope the upcoming update doesn’t break freecam, the new lightning+newskymaps alone will make me go on a screenshot spree


The perspective angle is already broken sadly. If you want to do freecam pictures, do it now.


oh, i’m quite happy with the ones i’ve taken already ( ) , but i really want to go on a new spree with the new lightning/skymaps/levels.

I hope the dude that made the freecam fixes it if it’s broken, i kinda had a project i was working on and off that relied on it.


47 takes no prisoner.


I’m disappointed we didn’t get a photo mode. I’m having a blast with assassins creed origins taking some really awesome pics.


dunno why this reminded me of this



The new unlock from the december update. :face_vomiting:





Dude looks got really twisted