The Hitman screenshot thread


ohh man from this :heart:

to this :heart:

ahh man i wish they fix this


This looks so sick!


does the camera injector still works after the goty update?


Yes it does! Just tested it out in Colorado and it’s working great.


How did you get the real gun names for hitman 2?


GAMA is not the best hospital to be treated in, if you ask me.


i wish IO allowed modding like bethesda, just imagine a kickass zombie mod, you get infected and turn into a raging beast within a minute


Well Bethesda needs modding because most of their games are unplayble other wise :stuck_out_tongue: But modding would be cool.


It would give far more options and variety to the game, but it would also lose his special “professional”/ clean touch.
I’m not sure about mods - but a map editor would be awesome! :smile:


if this happens to ‘Watch Dogs’, imagine the possibilities for HITMAN ALL CAPS TM


I’m actually trying to do a Kill Everyone Silent Assassin but infecting every single person in the map, it’s going to be great.


1080p, taken March/April 2016 using my preset:

Since I’m a “new” user (Used to be here 2004-2009(?)) I can only post this one apparently, the rest are below:

…And nope, can’t post much as it turns the imgur link with images into an image, ugh why did I sign up again lol



Lol, good luck with that. But the hazmat guys can’t be infected, or can you infect them yourself if you subdue them and take their clothes?


Yes, they can be infected after you take off their clothes.


Haha, nice. That’s totally gonna take some time.


just chilling with Craig #MetMyIdol



Last screenshot looks like Mirror’s Edge ^^


These make good wallpapers