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The Raven Suit guy never watches explosions of any kind.


i dont know why, but the Raven Suit is called Rieper Suit in the German Version :thinking:


Loving the new Hokkaido. I was just wandering around as the infection progresses, and the watery deterioration effects as the timer runs down are beautiful. This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but:


I never knew the npc changed facial appearance when infected. Thats a nice touch!


Yeah, made me wonder, too.

Rabenanzug or Krähenanzug doesn’t sound though.



Striker ready. It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum.


i just unlocked the striker and its a loveletter to Silent Assassins Ballers, with this power, isnt it? :joy::joy:


Hokkaido lighting is amazing, love it. Kudos to Jonas Meyer and his team :+1: :heart:


Basically! You put it+The Silver Baller, lockpick and fiber wire and tadaa SA set up. Of course we still need the clorophorm and the coins since for some god forsaken reason they too take a slot. But hey,better than nothing.



Really loving this GOTY upgrade so far :slight_smile:



CameraInjector doesn’t work for me, I opened the main file (extreme injector.exe) after open the game and nothing happens, IDK what Im doing wrong.


Oh you can’t hide unconscious targets? Fuck the rules.



Can you still finish the mission?


I didn’t try that, maybe he can be blown up with something. :smiley:


This is a great screencap imo. Underrated.