The Hitman screenshot thread



The Year of Hitman :





Frans Bouma just updated the freecam / fixed feature(s) that were broken in 1.0.9!

However it’ll be the last update ever :confused:
v1.0.10: Works now with v1.13.2 (GOTY edition). This will be the last update of the camera tools. If they break them again with a later update, that’s too bad, but no update will follow.


what is this styrafoam crate? can you use it? hype!


How did you got down there?!


freecam and teleport probably


Lol now I want to explore that new Colorado too.


Hitman Closed Alpha had crates around Paris that the staff would carry around. They could be used to conceal items inside of them. They just haven’t deleted the files from the game yet. I wouldn’t get your hopes up :stuck_out_tongue:


He said this for the third time, I dont believe it! :smiley:




Saw that Courage poster with the cameratool too. Wonder what it means.


Not sure but I think it’s some type of easter egg they put there for us to find.


I think it’s a reference to DIsney’s movie “Brave”. The original poster can be found in the girl’s room during the original Colorado’s mission.


can you tell me how to teleport 47 outside?

things i found in paris

There’s a big cathedral

10/10 would use the camera injector again

modelling make you high



reached on top of mount Fuji

weapon closeup

people use himmapan products in hokkaido

hokkaido’s canteen menu, bet @Chef-assassin can cook all of them

ME gusta

beautiful details


ladies have an octopus tattoo

easter egg perhaps?

doctor’s journal near the operating theater

some more text

hmm, April of 20xx?

even the freaking screws have reflection

47’s early face version?



We all float down here