The Hitman screenshot thread


Dude! Why u gotta lower the tone? -be classy, we’re all just tryna appreciate some lovely, sweet, innocent pics here.

Anyway, back on track…

I call this one “Suck me, beautiful!”…




I think it looks more like 47 distracting with a kiss and then stabbing someone in the guts with a scissor.


Just chilling


May have gotten a bit out of hand.



That’s some good art


Limbo mode


I also wanted to shoot that airplane but the graphics became more blurry as I approached it. Nice shot!:smiley:


Thanks haha, yeah I first thought it would be an actual 3D render as I kept approaching because it looked really good still, they did a good job on the illusion.


Wait what mission is the first picture from?


probably a patient zero cutscene


It’s the airplane you can spot in Sapienza haha (This one was taken in The Icon mission)


rate 47’s flexibility


A darkness glitch appeared in The Author, allmost pitch black, but only in the lawyers office:



Looks great dude


Thank you! :wine_glass::smiling_imp:


A picture with much space for Interpretation. Love it, seriously. Sadly I’m not able to use the free cam mod, because I’m playing on xbox one.


Made some improvements to the game