The Hitman screenshot thread


This screenshot just gave me an idea. I know that we already have a bunch of Sapienza bonus missions, but what if they made another one. It’s at night, and you have access to the mansion, maybe it could be raining. Belfording Manor vibe!


Thank you very much. Exactly, I wanted people to interpret it in their own ways.

A friend of mine told me it reminded me of Max Payne 1 & 2 and the health bar UI, which I thought was an interesting take on it.



I´m thinking of Strandbergs situation: hes already standing in his own blood --> his situation, the wine slowly fills up in the glass, the wine glass is like a cage for him, till he cant breath anymore --> getting punished for his actions, hes still optimistic on the outside --> his pose, while dying on the inside --> hiding and looking through the windows


Very close to my thoughts! Damn, I didn’t expect this response, glad you and people liked it!


You got something stuck in your eye there craig. Let me get it out for you…

And while we’re here again we might as well visit Caruso on the way home

He wasn’t there, too bad…

Also, the lab is now completely emty


Hi, I made some screens (PS4)


How did you take such such screenshot on ps4? There is maybe freecam available on console?


No, just standing in right position, and sometimes use L2


I See. However nice screens and great editing.


You missed a spot


Man I really want that suit for free gameplay. I like it better than the 2016 suit tbh.


Look who’s on Hokkaido now


Me too :smiley: the suit looks simply badass :smiley:


Season 2 starring Jeff


I agree. Cicada bodyguard suit is really cool.


It’s not the CICADA bodyguard suit, that has a blue tie. This is full black :slight_smile:


Really? Which suit is it then? Maybe Ritter’s bodyguard (which is similar, But definetly less nice to look)?

Btw, i really love the look of the cicada bodyguard suits from paris, i’d like to unlock it. :laughing:


@AlexNiedt @Quine


I guess you tagged me and @AlexNiedt to make a point about the new lighting being better than it was before, because we were criticizing it.

I agree that the newer images look better, but I don’t think that implies very much about the new lighting being good.

  1. Where did you get those screenshots of the originals? They’re not in-game screenshots, or if they are they have really weird settings applied. The detail and the clarity are extremely low, and that has nothing to do with the new lighting. Look at the blurriness in this image. It looks tilt-shifted or something. That’s not what it looks like in-game! The newer images you posted primarily look better because they are crisper, but in a way that has nothing to do with the new lighting settings, so you’re comparing apples and oranges here.
  2. The new skyboxes look cool, I’ll give you that. They shouldn’t be changed, but they’re doing a lot of work in making the new shots look better.
  3. The new lighting settings have been fiddled with to make for dramatic, high-dynamic-range-style landscape shots… it’s a style of photography calibrated to make for impressive shots of faraway vistas, so it’s not too surprising that these screenshots look good. What the lighting settings suck at are interiors, in-gameplay transitions from dark to light, bright lights focused on nearby objects, etc. The sorts of stuff that affect how the actual game looks when you’re playing it and not using a camera tool to compose artificial comparisons.


A screenshot of a screenshot. Why? Just because how many likes it has. :grin: