The Hitman screenshot thread


I like the new lighting, it’s only the color grading/saturation and some bloom issues I have a problem with. In the above images, I don’t think the new ones look 100% better. I think there are aspects that are better and aspects that are worse. They’ve just gone too far to one extreme for my tastes.


the screenshots are taken from this trailer as i couldn’t find big sharp looking images of the original. But regardless i wanted to show the differences in color, such as the weird green in the horizon and the funky water.


I kinda liked this one!


Alright, I used to take screenshots on a bunch of missions, so let’s not ruin it! This time it’s screenshots from the bright new Colorado, brought to you in The Vector.

Also, I went through the LAGGY pain of getting high quality screenshots.


I also took extra annoying screenshots so I had to go through the pain of looking at EACH IMAGE in the reply, counting which image in order it was and delete the ones that weren’t good. YOU BETTER ENJOY THIS


I am the ‘Grim Reaper’



This town isn’t big enough for the both of us!


That girl there is THICC :blush:



Not my pics, but thought these were interesting.



So I’ve been wondering. Is it a texture problem with this Sanguine board?


Might just be a lighting issue causing that weird effect.


Always trust a butler to help you! :smiling_imp:


Playing around in the Hitman Alpha when suddenly…



you’ve disabled the textures :wink: i’m surprised to see that you’re getting 34 FPS at 1080p while playing the alpha.


Either my computer is shit or the alpha is terribly unoptimised. Probably both.


Alpha is very unoptimised, barely even get 40fps most of the time when I play it.

I think if you press 9 it turns off all the shadows, which increases the FPS a bit.


Still a gorgeous looking game, especially after the GOTY update.