The Hitman screenshot thread


Lol, how is that even possible. Probably the weirdest glitch I’ve seen in HITMAN so far, Ronald Sump is a strange man.


Lol is that actually the name of the NPC? If so that’s such a funny name lmao.


It is indeed. :joy:



It’s a cool wind vane. Never noticed that before. :smiley:


Old Lighting

New Lighting


After looking at both I feel IO needs to tone down the saturation a little bit and then it’ll be perfect. The old lighting almost looks too dark for Sapienza now.


Yeah I agree. I think the shadows in the old lighting look nicer, maybe they can improve the shadows a bit as well.


The new one looks like it’s straight out of a child cartoon tv show. Looks fucking shit and my eyes hurt by looking at it. Tone it down IO, especially Sapienza and Colorado, looks god awfull.


Old Sapienza looked like this shitty Instragram Filter. i do enjoy the new lighting of Colorado too.



Yeah. I’ve noticed that the chairs are static objects. When someone comes to sit on them, they basically make them disappear and spawn their own chairs in place that they can move and sit on. Reminds me of that silly glitch on my stream where someone got the chair stuck to their feet for a couple seconds lol


At least he made himself comfortable. lol

And now we celebrate. :man_dancing:


Also the case with Strandberg’s massage bench. In my proximity mine video the mine actually disappears with the respawn of the bench (but still works) so I had to shoop it into the recording again.





I was just looking through some old folders and then…


Hitman Creed: Episodic


those look like they are defying gravity.


@YourGudBudNel what do you think?


dayyyum boiii :ok_hand: