The Hitman screenshot thread


haha same. Oh how much I love Max Payne (much more 1 and 2 then 3, but oh well)


I wish they remake the first game with Max Payne 3’s graphics and gameplay, the story, music, graphic novel should remain the same, but oh god, would i love to see a young, more agile and fit max diving like crazy shooting his dual pistols :smiley:


Thanks for giving me something fun to do! Great writing :slight_smile:


haha this is great mate :smiley:

It would be even better to talk a little bit slower, and with sad expression.


here’s something i did with your voice over :wink:


This is exactly what I had in mind when recording! Awesome work :smiley:


God, I love this forum and the great people on it. Both your video and @DapperDan’s spot-on narration capture the mood I aimed to create while writing this piece. Excellent! :+1:


Credit goes to your script and Dan’s amazing voice, sheeit, man you can start work as a voice artist, you have an amazing voice :smiley:


The music just made it waaay better. Great job. Just phenomenal!


Hawt damn…!! Never knew screenshots from my messing around session would lead to all this! :heart_eyes:


Thought I’d try the Hitman: Blood Money Cheat Enabler and the RemoveOSD command, on max settings. Bandicam can’t capture my darker brightness changes. HMF also badly compresses the image into .JPG.


(Used this one for the Hideout WIkia page)



Credit to @Iffy


Am I interrupting something?
Hope pic isn’t too dark so look closely.


Fancy Hospital with a Morgue almost bigger than the Operationtheatre, Guards still dump Bodies on the Workshopfloor.


And she doesn’t seem too concern having a smoke next to the deceased either.




For season 2 I want a portable projector so that 47 can walk around with another persons face. :stuck_out_tongue:



Last time I visited villa Caruso at night, so this time I wanted to visit while the festival was going on during sunset :slight_smile: