The Hitman screenshot thread


Today it was time to visit Marrakesh :first_quarter_moon_with_face:


how’d you get inside :open_mouth:


It’s a certain glitch. Maybe I’ll make a video about it soon


I’m probably not doing this exactly right (for sharing/posting a pic)… &, wish I changed disguises and stuck around when they were woke up. …Guards in their underwear, mad, and looking for the person that was being a nuisance. I laughed too hard at this.

Darn it. Open in a new tab since it redirects from here. >:-/


Hitman was here.


I finally felt like completing Holiday Hoarders…It took over a year. :joy:


I still haven’t completed it lmao.



What the hell ?
How did you do that ?


Subdue glitch:


Here is a video showcasing how to get onto the vents.


Shh, he’s sleeping.


Best sniping location

Another cool location


Patient Zero follow-up anyone?


What would happen if you destroyed the winch while you were up there?


I actually tried that! :smiley: It does what you would expect it to do, it kills you instantly and your ragdoll body falls to the ground lmao.


And what if you jump up while shooting it?
Oh wait wrong game. :joy:


can you make a video of 47 jumping or ragdolling from unreachable places? :smiley:


Maybe sometime in the future.


Drowning someone through the Hazmat Suit. Logic!