The Hitman screenshot thread


Drowning someone through the Hazmat Suit. Logic!


I skipped ahead and and landed on a ledge…

Headmaster is making a run for it!


Bidding on used goods you say?

Not anymore!


Why does the blood look so bad in that last shot?


It’s the carpet for some reason.


I suppose I should knock before entering.


Don’t want to get bothered, I will just use this dirty needle I found on the floor…


I found a briefcase


Meanwhile at Urben’s testing session




Reminds me of Kung Fu Hustle :laughing:



Just some guy chillin’ on a rooftop, must have been a really hot day.


tries to dump body
hey what the fuck

Also I finally got Colorado on Pro done, SA/SO was kinda difficult but not too bad. I tried to kill all targets with accidents by sniping from the water tower, but I don’t know if it’s even possible to hit the lawnmower from there. Also when I blew up Graves, some people saw the bullet hitting the gas canister and her body got apparently “found” so I had to do the whole thing again. :confused: Parvati and Rose were easy though.


its easier to kill Graves SO with the chandelier in the main house, thats how i do it :slight_smile:


I actually did it like that too on my second run because the gas explosion was too unreliable. :smile: Well, you could also kill her in any way when she’s under the chandelier and put her into the box.





I call this one “Stalking Franny”. Thought the lighting, colors, textures and particle physics in this particular shot just looked stunning, so I had to grab a screen.

Make sure to maximize the pic to get the full glory. :slight_smile:

And this is one of my favorite “Please Fiber Wire Me” -poses:


The first screenshot is very interesting. It reminds me of Dalis art, especially his way to portray the desert in a surreal form.

Just a thought.