The Hitman screenshot thread


You’re allowed to go inside as well as others so it doesn’t seem closed






This isn’t my screenshot, I found it on Google. It was a thumbnail on someone’s YT video. Pretty cool shot!


I think it’s the The Sapienza trinity achievement backround, which can be unlocked together with the challenge. Still, it’s very cool.


That’s really sad to be honest bring back the items and suitcase



That’s yesterday’s news. Lol. (Where do you think “Interpol’s Double Agent” contract came from?)
Even the prisoner tried to escape, but I caught him and escorted him back. :+1:


He even makes phone calls. :joy:





In native Russia, umbrella finds shade under you.


I liked this thumbnail from a recent video of mine.




Wearing my signature suit to a spa both perplexes and irritates the security guard, the same guard who already left the oven on earlier that morning, bringing his fragile mind back to his father’s endless lectures on how he could “never do anything right.”


A bunch of items in Sapienza (not mine - screenshot by a Reddit user 202e)


This is so good. It’s just perfect.


I can only imagine the struggle to set it up so perfectly…oh what a nightmare that would be.


This satifies my OCD lmao



Ahh… I just love seeing tools of the trade so neatly and conveniently positioned

Sean Rose would definitely approve as well!