The Hitman screenshot thread


The fire poker is slightly tilted.

Now I’m mad.


From TacoFist stream.


Hehe I remember there was a guide to change the suit texture. Never saw it being done actually.


that does remind me i need to try it sometime. Just change Requiem’s suit color to black and i can finally have my John Wick suit


Over 47’s? Get out!!


And every NPC would still comment how white the suit is lol.



Good one! Reminds me of my old screenshot:


Part 2


Got the crashing scene as well. Body was highly unable to idendify.


The moment I finally got the game 100%'d. This challenge was horrible and I didn’t even manage to do it properly but whatever. :smiley:


Trying to get him into bed without killing him. :confused:


I guess Hitman wasn’t in for a French greeting kiss, let alone guards complimenting his bow tie.

Guard has every right to look up and cuss IO for being wronged in this instance.


Yuki: Can I have some privacy here?


insert dirty joke here


So I was feeling a little creative with the sniper rifle…

This statue was missing something…

I didn’t know there were coins in the balances. :smiley:


“Now that every militias in Colorado are hot on your ass.”


Life expectancy in pro mode : 2.5 millisecond.



It took me a few seconds to realize what you did with the lion :rofl::+1:


I was going to screenshot the sick ass phone kill with Klaus but then I popped the courier before he had the diamonds.