The Hitman screenshot thread




This really is a beautiful game… if only I could get rid of those annoying button prompts and exit points etc.

Anyway, here’s a few of artsy Hitman screens I gone and done. :grin:

I have some silly ones I’ll upload later…


If you go to options and choose ‘graphics’, on the bottom of the screen, it will give you an option to press a certain key to go into a “photo-mode” for that exact time you pause the game and remove all prompts and icons and such and give you a clean shot. There’s only 1 prompt left on screen which is to go back but you can crop it out if you want.


Hundreds of hours playing this game and I had no idea this existed! :rofl:



There is also a PC mod which removes all UI elements when you press capslock. Also just found recently but it is a very nice thing.


Well, I’m going to have some fun with this! :joy:


First and last shot is just muahh :heart_eyes:


47 needs some red gloves, a yellow suit, and a white cape.


I’m glad people are using texture mods after my tutorial :smiley:

Yeah, unfortunately my tutorial was probably way too in depth and half unexplained for average users.


Twitter user Nyxsora use The Sims 4 to

It’s very cool and I like how he (or she) put a lot of hard work in the building.


DAYYUM that’s dedication, freaking love this. Kinda like how the Paris mission will look like if it were in Hitman 2 Silent Assassin :smiley:



Say how about holding community screenshot contests


That’s something we’ve had on the backburner for a while. There’s a place in the monthly blog for something like that, I reckon.


Brendan Conner (Mastered Ultra Instinct)



That last ones fucking terrifying!


Found a very clear photo of all the Hitman Blood Money newspaper photos in the game. Including target obituaries and side story photos. Very cool and detailed. They aren’t all here but at least all targets that get shown at the end of each mission. Nice!


Whaaat? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
How come I’ve never seen half of those


Are some of those just pictures of people who worked on the game? Reminds me of the Punisher for PS2 where all the newspaper articles had developer text instead of the typical Ipsum Dorem Latin text.


The last two? I believe I read somewhere that the guy in the photo had something to do with BM but I just don’t remember what exactly. As for the others? I honestly haven’t got a clue. I would imagine, it would make sense. But I’m not positive.


Hmmm… Didn’t Lorne De Havilland get a newspaper picture? I forget…


Good old Lorne! :rofl: