The Hitman screenshot thread


Lmao that picture :joy:

But no, Lorne De Havilland never got his own obituary photo. It was just Chad Bingham Jr. However, De Havilland was mentioned in that same paper.


You never looked closely…in the shadows :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



What does this picture have to do with flatline?


It looks more flat than an undamaged car. And there is a line left of it.



Marrakesh has nine mines. When triggered they explode at the very same moment. Tried to write ‘47’ with explosions.



Another screen, a rather unusual view on the Himmapan Hotel:


Is this outside the confines of the map?? :thinking:

What sorcery is this?


Id love if they reused the map but expanding it, allowing 47 to go into the jungle and the beach!


My 6 year-old nephew learning to play Hitman. Maybe when he is 18 Season 2 will be out? :sweat_smile:


When the thrown BC hits just right


Listening to the radio. It’d be nice if there were some way to pick up all the radio stations (er, audio files) from all the stages while in game with the portable radio. Like the ones from Colorado and Hokkaido… Heck, even Marrakech… whatever. Haha… A sound test. Yeah! That’d rock! :sunglasses:


Saw this one your reddit post, didn’t realise it was you until I went back and checked the username, I was gonna post it here with credit to whoever it was, nice work :muscle:


ah yes the good old days of youth when I use to stand up and game.

now a days if I’m standing and gaming is to ask God why my goal keeper sucks


Hahaha true that


Till death do us part…

Well, gee… that was all of 47 seconds… :unamused:


Started a new playthrough of Hitman: Contracts.

A bit rusty. Had better results in the past …

… but that isn’t a problem for the first mission.


This thread needs a bump, so here’s some of my daft ones…



Little thai massage by a certified ICA therapist, this tourist need some tension release.


Do me next please. I’ve built up a lot of tension in my neck as well.