The Hitman screenshot thread




Next stop: Kamchatka.


We really need a level like this in Hitman Season 2. The only thing I feel when I see this is disgust, in a positive way.


Where does Winston hide his sawn-off in his pyjama and how does this woman sleep that well?

Does “gasoline in the chimney” count as an accident kill?

Nothing to see. Just saving Jesper Kyd here.


It would be great to have a dark rainy mission in Season II.


Can someone help me by sending me a few screenshots of Blood Money A new life in a PM. I prefer screens of places which you don’t visit in a regular run. Think about between the houses, backyards and details on the map.

I hope I can thank one of you.




I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the ‘Angel of Death’ ET this way, but it’d be neato if I can.

Elusive Target #15. The Angel of Death. June 1, 2018 (Reactivation)

is this ok ?








I already received some, but these work for me too. Thanks for the effort! :slight_smile:


How’d you do these?


teleport/beam cheat


I know about the teleport functions, but how’d the camera stuff work?


Freecam mod injector probably


All this is great. I’m surprised at how you were you able to do all that.

And also Danger Dog, let us know when you finish it. I’d like to try it out.


Damn, this baby would look better in a briefcase.


Since there will be a racing aspect in Season 2!!!, I thought of another racing game… And thought of this sign in Marrakesch. It always reminded me of the Wip3Out racing games. :blush:


Just let us be, man.


Ok, this isn’t a screenshot but I don’t know of another, more appropriate thread in which to post it. I saw an interesting montage someone made of all the 47’s from all the Hitman games lined up and thought it was a cool idea, but I thought I could do a better one and so I made my own, high resolution one.

Be nice to know what you guys think… :wink:


“Do you ever wonder why we have to be evil?”
“OMG yes!”


This unrealistic game is UNPLAYABLE! @GuLe

Who designed this level? @Lasse_IOI


Floating blood???
Shit, he found the alien NPC. Everyone to battlestations!