The Hitman screenshot thread




47 on the catwalk, hiding in plain sight and wearing his mask of normality.

I really love this aspect of the game, to be in front of hundreds of NPCs, under the spotlight, without any suspicion.

Post your best screenshots with 47 hiding in plain sight.





He’s doing a background check


Guards seemed to have gotten heads up about the barcode, and are taking precautions.


“Urgh, John stays right behind me, right? and he makes this stupid Face again, right?“


He is trying to spot the bald spot. Padum tsj





where’s that in the game? under the map or something? xD


It’s the flash drive that belonged to the currently reactivated Elusive Target the Warlord. I used the free camera mod to peek through the safe and took that screen grab. :wink:


Oh I miss that so much. Nostalgia.



Wrong sauna, baby…


I t is nice to see 47 finally start to care about appropriate body disposal techniques.




The’re can’t be any traces of 47 on Yamazaki so this is theoretically the best way to dispose yes. Or they need to check every single ash flake



What exactly is happening in the 2nd image?