The Hitman screenshot thread


Right after I shoot these npcs I pause the game with free cam and lock 47’s aim. And somehow 47’s image is emerging from within the bodies if you look at it at this angle.



Italian aurora borealis is so beautiful.




Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you ICA space program, astronaut Ezra Burg.

FYI, no.2 is my desktop wallpaper. :wink:


My dream, is to fly - like this target, so high :musical_note:



Dude, that is awesome! :laughing:

How many FE’s and propane flasks did it take to make this happen?

Guess you can say he got high as hell on his drugs. Must have used “just the right mixture” lmao


I instantly thought of this for some reason


Thanks buddy! :grinning: The recipe is 6 coins and 2 breaching charges under which you lay down the victim’s body. Sometimes his body just distorts midair if you pause the game, which is hilarious as hell. :laughing:


Oh wow lol I’ll have to give that a try sometime!



Didn’t know Planking was so popular in Sapienza that it could attract this kind of crowd


Looks like the Street Performer has some competition :smile:


These are great but the 3rd is omg beautiful!


Perfect hiding spot.


Tf are you in some carpets?!?! Explain this witchcraft?!!?!