The Hitman screenshot thread


Wow, really amazing screenshot, GG!



The face you make when you fart, but it’s more than just a fart.


I just love the reactions


I call this one “Where’s Waldo”

Clue: This is not the straight forward version of the electrocution kill. :slight_smile:

…And this one is “Guys, chill! Can’t you see I’m on the phone?”


bring back garrote from above!


Like this?


playing the good ol’ BM again, love the lighting effects in the game.


That shot is perfect! The way the shadows on 47’s face can look like a skull


Trying to have some fun with Colorado.





where’s that second pic from?


That pilot knew it was coming.


But you’re not doc :sweat_smile: you’re director.


Not really a Hitman screenshot, but I thought this was cool:

I keep forgetting how much 47 is supposed to look like Lee Hong. Of course, the eyebrows and stuff are from Ochoa/Jegorov, but still. Like, most of his face is Hong.

(sorry for the bad photo of 47, I stretched vertically and forgot to undo it)


Couple of portrait-type shots I caught while playing Urben’s Escalation a while back.



A little touch-up and this. :smile:


Looking forward to Vol.2


Lighting difference btw Hitman BM and HITMAN ALL CAPS TM (both games being played at ultra settings)

ayy issa joke