The Hitman screenshot thread


Tbh HITMAN really does have odd lightning sometimes.Your pic is good example,certain shadows look rough


Why does 47 look so poorly lit in such a bright room, in those Blood Money pictures? I know IO want those early games to be dark but that is too far. :grinning:


The comparision is not that good because 47 wears an hat in the BM screenshots. If you make 47 in the lower pics wear the berets the security guards have, you would not see the shadows in his face as well.


Somewhere in Sapienza I think but it’s a old screenshot so I can’t remember.


update: caught 2 victims. people need to look up more often



That is the wrong type of hit, Cake. :grinning:



Roberto! Hold me!


i always thought he looked very much like Hong in Contracts.



Letting Providence find Yamazaki’s body was not an option, so her body had to be buried somewhere they would never find it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I think a pair of legs jutting right out of the ground is more suspicions than someone who looked like they had a fall.


Yeah, that’s true. But it won’t be a problem if they’re unable to find her. :wink:




-Feels like I’m wearing nothing at all! Nothing at all! Nothing at all!
-Stupid sexy Caruso! :skier:


They say romance is dead but nope, it is just De Santis. :grinning:


Part II

Roberto! Get down here this minute!


when part 3??? more entertaining than the mcu


big dump inbound

2018-09-30_18_51_41-Greenshot 2018-09-30_17_36_37-Greenshot


im impressed that you can subdue that guy also im guessing you used hacks to get out the map