The Hitman screenshot thread




Am I doing this assassin thing right guys? It’s my first day on the job.


You and your silly messing around with this game!

do something fancy, I want to see the insides of the house


I’ll try. I accidentally broke the camera before. I could move 47 and the camera just stayed static lmao.


I smell (yet another) upcoming nerf to the Lancer rifle!


Everything about this mission is awesome.


Specially when you figure out how to do it SA/SO. One of the most rewarding feelings out there.


Wow you can do that? I know what I’m going to try, later lmao. I think I have a general idea on how to do it.


Partly is because of how brain dead the AI can be where the entrance guards are but the rest is doable without too much of said exploits.


Amazing mission indeed :slight_smile:

I’ll share my SA run sometime in the future, stay tuned :wink:


I hope to see it soon!


Thanks for the support, i’ll let you know when it’s ready :slight_smile:


This mission has a very disturbing background. And Klaas Teller would probably ended up in this room… poor guy was dead anyway.


Guys help I broke my game.



That shit is unnatural Notex. Like some satanic gamebreaks


Me waiting for Hitman 2:



I really want a map in a bigger town. Like this. This would be my dreamlevel.


Lmao what did you do to cause that.


I love seeing what old games look like when rendered in 1080p.
Here’s Codename 47: