The Hitman screenshot thread


We need more images from you @LordShaw, you sick!


Are you playing on consoles or PC?



Teabagging 47? What’s next, your mom insults?


I got tons, but also don’t wanna be too spamy with it, so let me know, if it gets too much :smiley: Here are some Ark Society ones (ooh, masks!).


so damn dapper…


Damn they did a really good job with the face, you can say what you want.


If they fixed the anti-aliasing and the shirt texture in the 2nd shot, that could very well be mistaken for a irl photo.

and how did you use the Florida outfit in Hokkaido?


What you want. Nice face


that’s the gloved one for ET


Wow, you really got an eye for it. You should work with photography.


PC (20charactershit)


How do you manage to get the “lack” of anti-aliasing? I want it.


Man, these games used to be so stylish and so distinct from anything else out at the time.


I think its just low resolution


Really would love to see an update to the blood in the newer games. Right now it’s like shooting bags of paprika.


wasn’t complaining about blood effects a 2016 thing?


guess it’s still happening. bleeding out from a gunshot produces a lot more blood than is currently portrayed in H2016 and 2, and due to the nature of Io being able to update the game often, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility to get some kind of update to the blood system.


The blood system is ok, only thing they need to improve is the dynamic spurts, make them more visible, they seem to be transparent if you view them at certain angles.


the result of one shot from dual silverballers. to achieve this in Hitman 2, you pretty much have to unload on someone

two silverballer shots on two people (four shots total) and this is the result


Lol I like how you purposely took the screenshot before the NPC blood pools started forming. 10/10 job dude.

HMF has already had it’s argument about blood pools before, can we please be done with it already?