The Hitman screenshot thread


Completing The Undying ET reward was the Miami Fit suit… with gloves. Which can be used in any mission.


Nope, waited 10 seconds. Only headshots trigger bloodpools as far as I know, which wasn’t done in either screenshot. Please keep making assumptions.

EDIT: Tested this some more, yep only headshots with the Silverballer (and other weapons but I only tested the SB so far) will form bloodpools. The amount of splatter that happens also seems strangely linked to how far away you are when firing. Firing a shotgun literally point blank will cause a considerable mess but standing like 2 metres away will at most create a small streak and at least droplets.


Ah, my bad then. Still, my point still stands that this argument has been flung around countless times around this forum and it’s getting pretty stale at this point, especially that IOI have altered blood values to make it look pretty decent. IMO Blood Money’s blood system is a bit over the top for my liking.


The argument has legs so long as the problem persists. Just because you’re tired of hearing it does not make it invalid. And I will agree that Blood Money really was melodramatic in so many aspects, blood included, but even Contracts has a better blood system than H2, so I’m definitely missing that gruesome aspect the old games had. It’s a murder simulator, let’s not pull punches!


that’s super odd how only headshots cause blood pools. i guess since the game punishes bodyshots so much, it’s a bit hard to notice, but still.

yeah, i think blood could be amped up a bit. the blood pools are fine right now, but the blood splatters themselves should be bigger


If you’ve ever watched a CJ Hitman marathon, and by the time he gets up to the Riverboat level, you’d know that ass shots are the new head shots… I guess they don’t leave a blood pool so that (whoever) isn’t alerted by seeing their dead body, or something like that. He always seems to say this when killing the one guy/guard that goes into a cabin after talking with a female NPC.




pretty sure this is Danish knowing IOI’s penchant for having Danish jokes in the game. It’s not a full or a good screenshot, but can anyone translate the little that is visible?




it’s so cool that we can see these easter eggs up close now. i wonder what the godzilla EE looks like up close


Hey look, IO does know how to make a proper strangling animation :stuck_out_tongue:



Looks like a new Providence’s VR meeting room.


Doing my Master/SA/SO/Sniper run will be something I am glad when it is done.


You can easily lure Jordan to the bathroom if you let him see you a bit thorugh the aperture that’s between the wall and the furniture. Leave the door open with the coin or similar distraction for him to see inside and he will come like flies to the honey. No need to KO the annoying couple of staff that follow each other.


Oh I found a very easy way to get them. Won’t change my strat when that part is working good.


Now as you said it’s hard to see, but the only words I can read in Danish is “dansk” and “samme”

These words means Danish and same. Anyway maybe some other Danes can see something?


So this happend after some combat in Miami :smile:


Secret in the Rangan Tower.