The Hitman screenshot thread


Has anybody else found the spongebob easter egg in Miami?



rip 47 and cool death animations


im glad they made it better in H2, in 2016 47 just kinda fell over and ragdolled




100% unedited screenshot, I swear. A toast to us all for a very pleasant thread.


Oh hey, a new nightmare tonight. It looks like 47 took all that NPC advice “smile wide for that extra tip”


I like how in the first game, 47’s blood puddle has a reflection: 20181127004657_1

I think Silent Assassin’s blood pool looks a bit worse with the puddle being a low quality texture now.


too oxydized

20 oxidized bloodcells



When I took this I was thinking of posting it in ‘H2 Bugs’, but there’s enough posts in that so…

He glitched / clipped into the trash bin after I knocked him out with a Pop-can, and I didn’t have a ‘Drag’ prompt. Probably didn’t need to shoot him, but I thought the bodyguards would find him. Guess it was Hobson’s Choice there. Non-Target Killed, or leave him alive and get Body Found.


I kinda liked how it was before. More random.


A bit of a Christmas atmosphere.

To approach or not to approach? That’s the question.


@LordShaw Well, you should upload all of those (and more!) shots into some kind of online photo album and post the link here. Those are some reeeeeeaaaaallly good shots.



Time for some silly shots.


Alright, uploaded these + bunch of rejects on flicker:

Will keep putting selected cream of the crop here and rejects there :slight_smile:
I’m taking way too many shots of the same thing from different angles and then having problem deciding, which one to pick, so this way i can atleast upload doubles and not feel guilty of spamming :smiley:


LordShaw’s sick pictures. Just wow.



47 found some pleasure in his work at least :smiley: