The Hitman screenshot thread


I like how the game is highlighting objects of interaction.


Yes. This is not my picture to be clear, it’s from LordShaw’s collection!


-You must lead a very interesting life, my friend.
-You have no idea.


Awesome! Thank you. 2020


Amazing shots !!! We’re having fun looking through them here at IOI, great work :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Is there any software for taking screenshots? I have an AMD card so can’t use Ansel.


You might have luck when a camera mod surfaces. You wont have Ansel features then though.


Since people are sharing flickr albums, here’s mine I hope someone enjoys perusing them.


So there’s none right now? That’s a bummer, I thought there must be one like the freecam mode everyone used for S1(before it got abandoned by the dev)


(Ooo, i have been blessed :sob:) Thank you for making such a pretty game :smiley:




No you don’t understand it is for the Coq-au-Vin I am cooking!


Cooking for Caruso must have really taken a toll on the poor guy :joy:


Hey it is only Spaghetti Bolognese not rocket science.:joy:


Punched a guy and he turned inside-out. Really spooky.




Actually, this looks better :slight_smile: