The Hitman screenshot thread


Mostly just a 47’s beautiful mug appreciation post. (And that unfortunate head seam, that turns him into Herr Starr.)


Dat ass :sunglasses:





btw I love the paintings of the room, reminds me a lot of Zdzislaw Beksinski


what the …

what’s that scary thing behind them?


It’s a painting in Alma Reynard’s room. Isn’t it freaky?


That’s … odd

I’ve spent like, 6 hours in that ONE mission. And I don’t remember that. Haha. wth





This one is much better.


It’s the Corinthian. The Sandman challenge references the comic book as well.




47: “What are you doing back In Blood money? I was just chillin’ here with some hot babes”


he IS Herr Starr. In season 3 we learn how he lost his eye =D


Give me More ass!


I like empty houses.
It’s a good decision to make an empty space like the murder of crows in Blood Money.


These Thai chefs are something else, man



I started to like ICA19 CHROME. every ICA19 guns looks fine
But it would have been better if I could just modified it with just one or two guns. I think there was such a plan in their concept art, why was it canceled?
Probably the shortage of human resources, time and money. IOI is a good developers. I really want them to be rewarded enough.


U W0T M8


Now this is enjoyable on targets thanks to not losing Never Spotted anymore!

Gotta love facial expressions of desperation.