The Hitman screenshot thread




pale ~ aesthetics


EDIT: lol Ansel glitched… Which is actually nice lol.

Here the actual regular shot:



Reminds me of the main menu face in SOMA.


makes me miss the yukata a lot


Hooow the hell…?
Since the’re all taken right at the start of the mission, i will assume it crashes right after you try to move in it :joy:


That is the power of mods I believe that or maybe it is Tom Cruise witchcraft


Ah I miss my yukata in H2. I don’t want to wait months till a Hokkaido ET gets activated, I’ll give you 20 bucks if you hack my PS4 to unlock it now

Quite the resume.


Do you think Diana believes in Tom Cruise witchcraft like me and Ricky Bobby do?:joy:







Like, scientology witchcraft? I mean she saw some crazy shit and went against the Illuminati themselves, but I don’t think she would believe in outright witchery


Nah nah nah, it is a reference to Talladega Nights. A Will Farrell character shout for various gods to save him ending with Tom Cruise.


It’s annoying that PS4 doesn’t have a photo mode of some sort, but I try to manage.


So, thats amazing.




So, I have discovered Ansel and unfortunately, it sometimes crashes. But when it manages to stay up, I can get some good screenshots


Did Wickerman to help with a couple other challenges, and this guy kept on burning. Maybe he should be called Proud Barry.


Weird flex but ok


We’ve come quite far, have we not?

EDIT; Bonus round just 'cause I like you guys so much


The Absolution face looks like some Danish guy blasted it into the side of Native American land.


What the f**k is up with Contracts and Absolution’s models :smile:
The absolution one looks like he’s a breaking bad character


One thing I noticed while comparing Absolution and HITMAN 1 and 2 models is that skin looked more real and more detailed in Absolution-both face and body.

In HITMAN 2016 and 2018 his face can look very detailed at times and then in certain environments like Whittleton Creek or Miami his head becomes so shiny,making it look less detailed,like it’s lower resolution texure.
I don’t remember Absolution having this problem.