The Hitman screenshot thread


I am not sure it is a problem. Absolution tried to make details visible in every situation, but that can be unrealistic.


When after 20 years of succesfull hits Diana starts to handle you as a baby boomer and repeats who the targets are after a 5 minute long briefing:


LMAO :joy: :joy:


Absolution 47 looks like a cheap plastic toy you get from the bargain bin near Christmas time.


His eyebrows are so weird. His eyes are too high and forehead is too small.


Its not that bad (under certain lighting):


66 56 61



From Hitman Marrakesh


The floor is work


Someone mentioned this in another topic, I haven’t found a yellow umbrella in the trees yet, but here’s a closer view with a sniper scope.

And it ‘poofs’ when shot, just like the ducks in Sniper Assassin, so undoubtedly there’s more to find.


it was me, i have searched long time but couldnt find any more ducks


Hmm that face...




Now I won’t say anything mean about people who are into autofellatio, but to do it on the job? For shame;


that 2nd last picture almost looks like a human shield animation pose :sunny:


I’m having lots of fun taking screenshots of the game even if the PS4 version doesn’t have a proper photo mode. Here’s some Legacy Pack pictures.


Return of the Human Shield?

"I play dirty, that’s how you defeat a stronger opponent"


"He’s right next to me, isn’t he?

"Invisible and undetectable, until it strikes its target" (took only 12 years to have a visible garrote again!!!)

"Getting real tired of your shit, master Jordan"

Secret society’s sophisticated sanatorium sees sudden surgeon shift stealthily suppress Soders’ supreme salvation (quite a mouthful)


Members of a global cabal of kingmakers HATE him; with one WEIRD trick this bald motherfucker captivates ENTIRE crowds and squads of HIGHLY-TRAINED bodyguards!

Learn the $1 TRICK to his STUNNING results!



Mild editing.


DAMN, Moses Lee looks like THAT?!

Probably the creepiest screenshot I ever posted. Should I be worried? Hollow eyes, hollow eyes…