The Hitman screenshot thread


How did you get him to turn into stone?


That is the visual effect of bullet impacts. When you stand close to them, the dirt sticks to NPCs or you.


I’m glad you asked. Here’s an explanation.

Actually, it’s a different thing. It’s the new visual effect created by explosions.

When you explode an NPC, a dirt effect will appear on the parts of their body that were closest to the blast. Normally, you can’t get the effect to appear on 47 himself since the explosion will kill him, but in that specific pic I exploited a glitch that has already been patched in the latest update.

Simply put, you had to equip a briefcase on 47 with a tripwire mine inside. Before the patch, the mine had a glitch where it would detonate inmediately upon starting the mission if it spawned in the briefcase. The explosion caused the NPCs near the starting point to panic, and for 47 to gain the dirt effect. I thought it looked cool so I took several pics.



Some of these pics are on the consulate office with the stairs to the garage. That office has a table where if you take cover on it, the camera angle will go lower than usual and will remain that way until you move it. That is how I managed to take the pics from a lower angle.

For Claus Strandberg’s body to show up in the original pic, I had to kill several NPCs and drag him to the body pile. Since dead bodies have a physics ragdoll effect, his body stacked up to the top of the pile. If I hadn’t done so the body would not have appeared in the pic since the camera would make it dissapear.

Using the tripwire, camera and body tricks in conjunction is how I managed to take the original pic. Sadly the tripwire effect doesn’t work anymore. It’s quite the story for a simple screenshot. :slightly_smiling_face:


Floating gas spill


slaughter club playing in background


Trying to do some challenges on Sgail:

Don’t mind me. Just gotta kill a target with the portcullis real quick.
(turns out random people will do)

Sorry pal, I need this gig more than you do.


Would you have seriously kept all of that to yourself if nobody had asked? That stuff is amazing!


Here we have 47 who’s cover (as superman) got just made, by superman. =D

(yes seemingly random, but LOOK at Luther’s face it IS 47 =D)


Hector will be devastated! :cry:


haha how did you even =D



Dear Santa, i wish for the priest outfit to be available in the planning menu. Or better, bring back the Absolution one… for… ummm… reasons…

I keep trying to get some nice shots in that outfit, since it was my favourite in H2016 and now i can with ansel, but that goddamn bloom in that map is making all of it look like bright mud :cry:


I was trying to do the 3 square meal challenge (I did it wrong anyway since these 2 had already been lethally poisoned). I dragged Andrea there to feed to Mijo later, and that’s how she was, “first try poggers” as they say. It demanded to have a screenshot! :laughing:


But Claus Strandberg propably doesn’t.


Claus looks like he’s enjoying himself :joy:


Lonely man finds three orphaned ducklings, protects them and learns them how to fly. A new touching movie coming to Hallmark soon.

97 90 19


Wanted to recreate one of my old screenshots to see how much the game had changed.



I like the new Signature a bit more outside some visual glitches. As I said, looks a lot to the one 47 wore in SA and Contracts so for me that’s more Signature than anything.


Oh I know, I love the new suit too. It just feels like a giant continuity error to not wear the old one on the legacy levels.

Also it feels like IO has forgotten about it :’(


as petty as it is, i really disliked the dark red tie of 2016. bright red tie is much better


You can still find the old tie with the Winter Suits. If you didn’t get the black one, better get to work with the 5 SA ranks in ETS to get the gray version.