The Hitman screenshot thread


War… war never changes.

No filters, only using Ansel from the rat poison atmosphere.


Upgraded my HD, was waiting for the patches to install.

Colombia had different lighting.


finally, we have good pics of these :^D. great screenshots


It’s been a while since I posted here, and I’ve made some fancy poster-esque Hitman 2 captures I thought you guys might appreciate, because this game looks amazing.

The pictures are rather large though, so they might take a while to load… :wink:

The Professional:

The Backstabber:

The Silverballer:

The Doctor:

The Pianist:

The Reconciliation:



the last picture reminds me of Redemption in Gontranno :slight_smile:


How did you get pictures from our alien invasion bonus mission?
(BRB gonna pitch that now)


You get a PM soon with something related, unless you are still on vacation. :stuck_out_tongue:




Alan Cameron Boyle on ArtStation.

Man, I wanted to visit that beach in Thailand.


47 has some peach fuzz going on.



She’s hot



From IOI home page :smile:


Here’s a few more I made over the weekend and some perhaps more experimental stuff…

The Cut-throat:

The Baller:

The Agent:

The New Life:

Oh, and IO… Where’s my Santa suit!?

Happy holidays everyone!



18 29 32
64 86 45 04

12 46 31 33 57 38 44 03 59 71 77 28 37 91 73

68 82 56 83 87 65 81 19 89


It’s simple, but I like how this image came out.

Bonus bug


Anyone thirsty?


After all the abuse I got, time for another comfy screenshot. A toast, anyone?


This gives new meaning to the term “What’s yer poison?” :laughing:


:sweat_drops: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops: