The Hitman screenshot thread


There is a background for a phone where, when it’s locked, the guard blocks the way. Then when unlocked, the guard opens the door.


Dumb Things


Serious Ones

Funny Faces

Intimate 47




Seeing this the first time actually startled me. I play on a 55” tv so seeing this up close shocked me. Haha. Pretty cool, though.

47 now offers his shoulder to cry on after he tells you that he’s going to kill you. All part of the new “spotted by target” feature

And seriously, time to patch in photo mode, IOI.


The baldness in the mirror is closer than it looks like, along with the pixels.


Morning after New Year’s Eve as a lone non-drinker



Blade Runner.


You should post this on the memes thread. It’s fucking golden

Shoutout to the briefcase that had all the booze in it


Thanks! My abilities to distinguish between what counts as a meme and what’s just a screenshot with a dumb caption are subpar tho, so picked the safe option :sweat_smile: (does it mean i’m getting old?)


I hate this job…


While playing that Bigmooney escalation, I witnessed a bizarre phenomenon. A fish swimming in mid-air.

And this gal. Just hanging out on top of a (whatever that is). Totally normal. Even the guy’s head looked up at her when talking.


The realtor real does look like he needs some sleep ASAP also he looks terrified.


Cheaters whose sniper kills in front of everybody don’t result in noticed kills or bodies found have this coming to them.





Pics taken just before the disgrace.


How did you get that?


Basically, you can copy your old HITMAN 1 saves over your HITMAN 2 save, then start the game in offline mode, and you will be able to use your old unlocks.


Noooooooooo! And here I’ve already uninstalled H2016. :joy: