The Hitman screenshot thread


Not sure which platform you are on, but cloud saves maybe?


The fact that the saves work in offline mode on H2 (hopefully) means all these suits are coming back.


The save files are all just saying invalid once I put them in hitman 2. Is there a guide for this somewhere?
Edit: Nvm I just found it


Someone did a beary nice composture to the portrait of Janus.


Hey there, handsome. You are hot because you are good looking, or because you are wearing a Winter Suit in a coastal town just a bit after mid day?


Please go away.
Im hot! Your not!



Camera with telekinesis power =D


47’s desk.


Bloody pistols!!


A lovely day for being murdered


Spying on ‘‘innocent’’ NPC’s…

No one’s untouchable

I’m going to tailor you a new suit!

The Cigarette

Finish Her…


I heard you like fishing (lines around your neck)?

Smoking is unhealthy!

Some other ones


broadsword pics 10/10


The K.O.

True Art15

Stalking his pray

The Unfortunate Event

The Apple

The Briefcase


i had to


Oh, wow. Really well done, truly. Have never seen this pic btw, so I guess it was an accident

Even the shoes and fists match. This is a true coincidence


It’s a pose from some Beyonce video, just an ancient meme :smiley:


I wish there was an option to get rid of the HUD in Absolution



Still i think that Nvidia Ansel needs more tweaks, i was trying to get 47 with a little bit of light and behind him all dark (midnight time like the map) with little tweaks… but this is what i got.


Somehow this suit reminds me of the one from Absolution with the white shirt. It’s fun to feel a bit like derailed 47 again.


I played with a real ghost!


It crashes once in a while for me, so definitely yes.