The Hitman Screenshot Thread




Playing around with some custom Sin City Ansel shader i found on Nvidia forum. Kinda love it, all noir and stuff, but it’s quite finicky, as to what it recognizes as red, so 47 is ending up with a lipstick most of the times.

A Dame to Kill For

The Cabinet of Dr. 47


Apex predator

The Curse of the Dutch angle

-> Bonus Lipstick assassin aka 90% of results.


This might as well hang on my walls :open_mouth: pure art!


Very pretty!! Would indeed look nice on some walls. Excellent stuff :ok_hand:


These are unreal man! excellent work!


Believe it or not (preferably not) but “The Curse of the Dutch Angle” (also shouldn’t it be Curse of the Flying Dutchangle?" was the working title of Battlefield Earth.

Also nice shout out to The Cabinet of Dr. Calgari.


Thank you all, not gonna lie, i’m pretty proud of them :smiley: I wanted to try to find more red-including locations in other maps, but i found out, that my old kill-all saves (that i do, so i have a free roam photo opportunities), became corrupted or something, so i’ll need to find the time to clear out those maps again first.

You’re right, goddamn missed opportunity right there and i was so close! >.<



Casual tourist doing a casual walk in a casual day.


Have you seen this? @immadummee47


That portrait looks nothing like him.


This is what you se when your not used to play green sapi from hitman 2.


Yep I have. I just wanted to see if I killed the right guy, because there, I strangled first ask questions later. Lol.

Edit: oh it’s also on Facebook? Me no have dat. Only twitter which is where I saw it.


Because it’s an old mugshot. The mugshot is him younger while in the game he’s older.


Um, you know I was joking right?


There’s no sense of a joke in that text so it can easily be misconstrued. Aw well.



Hi, i’m the gardener and welcome to No-one-is-getting-five-stars.


How did you get there at night?


Bring it on!


Wait a bit I will post a video tomorrow or something where you can see what it going on. :wink: