The Hitman Screenshot Thread


Hey speaking of exploding Carusos garden. Does offing him with the golf ball still count as an accident? Because I get a kick out of seeing it pop up every time.


Couple of screenshots I had of Dave Ready from “The Undying” elusive target

IMG_1822 IMG_1823


"where did you get those pictures from!?

Oh wait wait I don’t want to know" :roll_eyes:


Umm…? What? lol I don’t think I follow?


Ohhh I get it lmfao when you get the disguise in the mission :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Don’t mind me!


Hehe that’s alright dude :smile:


Today is the National Hug Day !


One last time mr Soders

Look, the Spy-cicle from TF2

Dual Ballers MKII20190121181750_1

Nothing personal

Hokkaido Snow Festival


Bring back the Masamune





I have the high ground


Miami is totally clean. Couple of days and a lot of crashes, but I managed to do it.

I don’t undrestand why there are 0 to all the no body found and stuff, - I did it completely stealthy and unnoticed. Well, couple of times I was spotted, but everytime I was reloading save, so it should count as not spotted, etc.
Little frustrating not to have silent assassin score. I mean 20 grand points for no bodies found, no noticed kills, etc



This one made me laugh hard haha, the look on that women’s face!!


Hokkaido Snow Festival 2019


Took me ages on PS4… Worth it




You know if I went to some conspiracy forum with that blurry picture I bet I could have people believing that is a genuine alien abduction picture.:joy:


But did you get SA though? :joy:


Best screenshots so far